Re-imagining the songs you LOVE.


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When Monty Smith formed The Eccentrics, he wanted a place to re-imagine songs we’ve grown up loving or in some cases, grown to love. But rather than just doing straight up covers of the songs; the idea was to perform them in musical styles (genres) different than the original. For example, a Rock song done in Reggae, or a Country version of a Pop song. Polka anyone?

Monty also wanted to include some unique singers and musicians that he’s worked with in the past to make the experience even more diverse and immersive. Once the concept was launched, it was quickly decided that each song needed to have at least two musical styles recorded, sometimes more. This has lead to some interesting cross-over tracks that we’re sure you’ll find both nostalgic and entertaining. Monty and the crew really hope you have as much fun listening as they did creating them!