"Without music, life would be a mistake."
- Friedrich Nietzsche
"Without the occasional mistake, music would be boring."
- Monty Smith

About Us

Imagine your favorite band traveled back in time and re-recorded the hits you grew up listening to, but this time they recorded them in a music style you never expected. It’s like a link to the past and you are a critical part of it, because YOU get to decide where this goes…..

Imagine The Beatles start doing Jazz, Journey becomes a Country band & Billy Idol thinks Polka is a BIT OF ALRIGHT!

Well….that is exactly what Monty Smith and The Eccentrics are doing every week. We take songs you love and re-imagine them in different genres than they were originally recorded in. Listener input is encouraged!

If you are like us, you’ll find yourself falling in love with these songs all over again. And like you, we are HUGE fans of the artists we cover, so it’s easy to imagine sharing these songs with everyone you know while we record them.

Nostalgic, Fun & Entertaining…That’s The Eccentrics in a nutshell.

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